Programs and Reports

yoReciclo actively engages with a real social and environmental responsibility; not take a step without seeking balance between their actions, the environment and society.

Environmental Impact Report

The report can be used for various purposes:

  • Everyone in your organization is informed of the benefits of collaborating
  • For the annual report of socially responsible activities
  • For the annual report to your investors
  • To publish in your organizational values

Among many other purposes

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Our Programs

It offers to our customers:

1. Engages in a socially responsible activity committed to the environment
2. Reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere causing the greenhouse effect
3. Create value between society and its community of employees
4. Form a new value and a change of habit within the organization
5.Is a commercial value plus to their brands
6. Involves and contributes their bit, for Mexico Sustentability